4 Loop FIBC Bags

4 loop FIBCs are one of the most cost effective types of packaging solution available for the storage and transportation of a wide range of products that includes construction materials, chemicals, food grains, metals, minerals to name a few.

These FIBCs are coated or uncoated and comes with optional PE liner inside. The fabric or loops of the bag as well as the stitching multifilament yarn can be of various colors for product identification purpose.

These 4 loop FIBCs can also be made from Type-A or Type-B as in “Antistatic” or Type-C as in “Conductive” fabric based on the need.

Designed to carry different loads ranging from 500 Kg to 2000 Kg with safety factors like 5:1/6:1, 4 loop FIBCs are largely divided into two types based on the construction:

U Panel FIBC: Made from a flat woven fabric, U panel FIBCs are an excellent choice for a variety of product especially for dense materials.

Tubular FIBC: Made from a circular woven fabric, tubular or circular FIBCs are ideal option for fine materials as its typical construction eliminates side seams resulting in improved sift and moisture protection.

Various Types of 4 Loop Big Bags

4 Loop Big Bags come in different designs & sizes.

Circular Jumbo Bag
Circular Jumbo Bag
U Panel Jumbo Bag
U Panel Jumbo Bag

Inlet Options

4 loop Big Bag come with different filling options depending on the application:

Full Open Top
Inlet Spout with Tie
Skirt / Duffle
Cone Top With Inlet Spout
Petal / Star
Iris / Pyjama

Outlet Options

4 loop Big Bag come with different discharge options depending on the application:

Plain Bottom / No Outlet
Discharge Spout
Petal / Star
Iris / Pyjama

Lifting Options

Different loop options are available for efficient handling of products like Cross Corner Loops, Single Stevedore Straps,
Double Stevedore Straps, Ancillary Loops, Sleeve Lift and Hood Lift.

Ancillary Loops
Single Stevedore Straps
Double Stevedore Straps
Sleeve Lift

Liner Options

Different types of PE liner

Open - Top / Welded Bottom
Gussested open-tab / Welded Bottom
Valved Top / Welded Bottom
Bottleneck / Welded Bottom
Bottleneck / Bottleneck
Shaped Bottleneck / Welded Bottom
Shaped BottleNeck / Shaped BottleNeck

Other Optional Features

  • Sift Proof( Filler Cord / Felt )
  • B-Lock
  • Perimeter Band
  • Zip Lock Pouch