Q Type / Baffle FIBC Bags

The Q-bag design is constructed sewing inner baffles across the corners of the four panels of the FIBCs to prevent deformation or bulging and to ensure the square or the rectangular shape of the FIBCs during transportation or storage. These baffles are manufactured precisely to allow the material to flow into the corners of the bag resulting in less storage space and reduced transportation costs up to 30% in comparison with a standard big bag.

Q type FIBCs can be coated or uncoated and comes with optional PE liner inside. The fabric or loops of the bag as well as the stitching multifilament yarn can be of various colors for product identification purpose.

Q Bags offer unique advantages over the conventional 4 loop FIBCs in several aspects:

Q Type / Baffle Big bag

Q Type FIBC Bags come in different designs & sizes.

Q Type / Baffle Jumbo Bags
Q Type Jumbo Bags

Inlet Options

Q Type Big Bag come with different filling options depending on the application:

Full Open Top
Inlet Spout with Tie
Skirt Top
Cone Top With Inlet Spout

Outlet Options

Q Type Big Bag come with different discharge options depending on the application:

Plain Bottom / No Outlet
Discharge Spout
Petal Star
Iris Pyjama

Lifting Options

Different loop options are available for efficient handling of products like Cross Corner Loops, Single Stevedore Straps,
Double Stevedore Straps, Ancillary Loops, Sleeve Lift and Hood Lift.

Ancillary Loops
Single Stevedore Straps
Double Stevedore Straps
Sleeve Lift

Liner Options

Liner Options......................

Plain Bottom / No Outlet

Other Optional Features

  • A Premium Quality Product
  • On Time Delivery
  • Unparalleled Customer Support
  • Flawless Documentation