Exporting Accurately Customised PP Woven Sacks in Flat Packed Bales Fit for Automatic Filling Machines

Our wide range of Woven Polypropylene Sacks are especially designed for packing fertilizer, animal feed, flour, maize, cashew nuts, food grains, sugar and so on. Made from impeccably woven Polypropylene fabric, these PP woven Sacks ensure complete protection of the material inside from dirt, moisture, rain etc.

Woven PP Sack comes with different optional features and can be accurately customized as per the need of the customer.

Technical Aspects:
GSM 50 to 240
Size 50- 220 cm
Length As per requirement
Colors Milky White or as per requirement
Printing 6 colors per side, Glossy or Matte
Packing In bale or on pallets
Bag opening Heat Cut open Mouth or Hemmed
PE lining 1 - Cuffed on top + sewn / loose at bottom
2 - Hemmed on top + sewn / loosed at bottom
Lamination Inside, outside or both side
Perforation Yes if required
Mesh 8 x 8 and up to 14 x 14
PP Woven Sacks