Ventilated FIBC Bags

Ventilated FIBC bags are manufactured from PP fabric with vents. The fabric is specially designed to maximize the airflow and to substantially reduce the spoilage of potato and onion occurs due to moisture and mold build-up.

Ventilated FIBCs have provided a remarkable solution to the potato suppliers for the problems experienced with 25kg/50kg Woven PP Sacks while handling, storing and transporting their products.

Ventilated Big Bag

Ventilated Big Bag come in different designs & sizes.

Ventilated FIBC
Ventilated FIBC bag

Inlet Options

Ventilated Big Bag come with different filling options depending on the application:

Full Open Top
Inlet Spout with Tie
Skirt / Duffle
Cone Top With Inlet Spout
Petal / Star
Iris / Pyjama

Outlet Options

Ventilated Big Bag come with different discharge options depending on the application:

Plain Bottom / No Outlet
Discharge Spout
Petal / Star
Iris / Pyjama

Lifting Options

Different loop options are available for efficient handling of products like Cross Corner Loops, Single Stevedore Straps,
Double Stevedore Straps, Ancillary Loops, Sleeve Lift and Hood Lift.

Ancillary Loops
Single Stevedore Straps
Double Stevedore Straps
Sleeve Lift

Liner Options

Different types of PE liner

Open - Top / Welded Bottom
Gussested open-tab / Welded Bottom
Valved Top / Welded Bottom
Bottleneck / Welded Bottom
Bottleneck / Bottleneck
Shaped Bottleneck / Welded Bottom
Shaped BottleNeck / Shaped BottleNeck

Other Optional Features

  • Sift Proof( Filler Cord / Felt )
  • B-Lock
  • Perimeter Band
  • Zip Lock Pouch